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Guy's Response To This Girl Is So Ridiculous That It'll Make You Never Want To Text A Guy Ever Again

Guy’s Response To This Girl Is So Ridiculous That It’ll Make You Never Want To Text A Guy Ever Again

Well, as I speak on behalf of the ladies, I believe everybody has gone through this and have come across such guys.

We all have liked a guy at some point in our lives, but as soon as we initiate a conversation with him, initially everything seems to be in the right order but when he starts saying inappropriate and dumb stuff which shows his level of intellect, we’re simply turned off.

Similarly, a college student experienced the same thing after which she decided she won’t be talking to that guy ever again. As she was getting to know him, he turned out to be a real dumbass.

The girl, known as @Jaidachan on Twitter, shared hilariously dumb texts that were exchanged between her and that guy. During the conversation, the guy asked her what’s her major, to which Jaida replied that she’s studying “sociology with a concentration in women, gender, and sexuality.”

Now, any person with common sense would quickly get the drift that she’s studying sociology, but this guy’s level of intellect was definitely too low to understand what she meant.

Dude, seriously? That’s the dumbest answer you could come up with!

I’m glad Twitter felt the same way about it. I’d have wanted to kill that guy for such a dumb reply.

I think they get triggered by the “three-letter” word.

The horror!

Stupidity on this level almost seems unreal. But hey, anything is possible!

Anyway, have you ever met guys like him? Share your experiences!

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