10 Reasons Why Guys Actually Prefer Dating Thicc AF Girls

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, curvy is also hot, and girls, let’s start embracing that. In certain parts of the world, thick and curvy is taken up as “big,” but thankfully, that’s not the case everywhere. The reasons are subjective, but a lot of girls try or wish to achieve size zero, but while chasing that, we forget that being big is a precious thing. In fact, it is in the majority and women should not be ashamed of it.

You can hold your body image as well as Xena Princess Warrior or Ashley Graham; it is all about accepting it and celebrating it. But having been said that, we have a little surprise for all thick and curvy women out there, and that is guys actually prefer thick and curvy girls in the modern age. We are not only talking but also found reasons behind it.

Read it and be happy if you’re curvy.

#1 Say No To Diets

How wonderful it can be to have a food buddy for a hangout with whom you can eat your favorite junk without having to worry about your shape or weight. They can relate to your love for food, and without making it any awkward, will join you for cheeseburgers and large fries.

#2 They are Independent.

Big chicks easily win the heart here because they definitely know how to take care of themselves and do their own thing. So guys never have to be worried about giving extra care, and an independent woman is always a turn on.

#3 They Aren’t High Maintenance.

Thick chicks don’t have big flicks. They can always compromise and go along with anything. They don’t want a special dinner all the time or go crazy over a plate of salad.

#4 You have a tough partner.

Well, here is the challenge for guys especially. A guy should better be adamant to woo big women because they are tough.

#5 Share clothes carefree.

You can have the advantage of sharing cool stuff. You can wear each other’s clothes that you like the most without having to worry about size.

#6 They are badass.

Following the stereotypes and the belief of how women should behave is old now. Big chicks tend to move outside the box and develop themselves into amazing personalities with a badass attitude.

#7 Amazing Cuddles.

Cuddling with your partner on a cold night is always an amazing idea. But if your partner is curvy, then imagine the level of coziness.

#8 Get Ready for Physical Challenges.

Thin ladies are generally into their own particular sort of exercise schedules. However, this is unquestionably not the situation with huge ladies. They are typically enormous or athletic which implies that you will have the capacity to be lively and appreciate exercise schedules.

#9 Have a look at that!

Guys are always more attracted to such body shapes. Even if it can’t be elaborated well enough, there is this natural thing that guys have for curvy girls.

#10 They are easy to talk to.

And the most important of them all, you finally have more chances of talking to them and getting to know them.


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