There’s Nothing More Cringeworthy Than This Guy’s Messages To A Married Woman

How weird can someone be? We’ll show you just how weird.

People can sometimes be so weird that it makes you question the existence of humanity. Why would God create such infidel swines? Catcalling and hitting on women is weird as it is. Why would you make it worse by hitting on a woman who is already married? Yes, you read that right. This one guy actually had the balls to message a married woman. And after reading the messages he sent this woman, you’ll literally want to claw your eyes out. It doesn’t get more cringe-worthy than this. It just doesn’t.

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk because this article is about to get nasty!

Via neckbeard | trivmviratvs

It all started with some cringe-worthy flirting.


For starters, this guy is terrible with foreplay.

What is even going on over here?

She’s right; nobody likes a weirdo.

Maybe next time make sure the woman you’re hitting on isn’t married?

It was literally never-ending.


Seriously? What is wrong with this guy?

*Looks up hopefully* that this guy actually gets a life.

10/10 for effort though.

This guy’s guts are literally off the charts.

He’s ready to go the extra mile.

I’m sobbing because people like this guy actually exist.


For the rest of eternity.

We’re tormented by your existence, dude.


We warned you. But if you still chose to read the whole thing then do let us know what you think of this guy’s guts in the comments below.

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