15 Guys Who Capture The Essence Of Aladdin Perfectly

Casting an actor for the role of Aladdin can’t be that hard. Right?

Don’t get me wrong, casting isn’t easy at all. I’m not trying to cheapen the process, but, they have been trying to find a perfect actor who embodies Aladdin for years and have come out empty handed.

Doesn’t that sound weird, though? I mean, there are loads of people that would feel right at home in the character of Aladdin. Hollywood already has track of whitewashing all the characters. We’re just hoping they don’t do that to this amazing movie too.

Following are some of the 15 people who I think can play Aladdin easily.

#1 Avan Jogia.

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I mean how have they not already cast him already? He is perfect for the role! He’s great singer and actor. What more could Disney want?

#2 Azhar S.


#3 Shekib Samimi.

#4 Alexander Uloom.

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#5 Dev Patel.

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We all know this British actor is a great choice for the role. He can play the character in stride.

#6 Karim Günes.

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#7 Udi Karni.

Geplaatst door Udi Karni op Donderdag 6 februari 2014

#8 Ahmed Al Zabedy.


He already looks like a prince. The street hustler part might be a bit hard for him though.

#9 Arian Ney.


#10 Dana Mashalahpoor.

He honestly has Aladdin written all over him. Where the heck is Disney?

#11 Sam Ajdani.

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#12 Omar Borkan Al Gala.

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#13 Hamid Fadaei.

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#14 Abdel Abdelkader.


Abdel here is a CEO, model, photographer, and athlete. I’m quite sure he wouldn’t mind adding actor into his portfolio.

#15 Eman Esfandi.

He’s got the cheeky, street rat look down.

What did you think of the above list? Do you have someone else in mind who could be great in the Aladdin role? Please comment below and tell us your opinion.

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