Guys Asks Wrong Number For Shower Pics And Gets Pranked Hilariously

Not everyone is good at trolling.

Most people think trolling is just throwing insults at each other but if you actually dwell deep into the art of trolling you’ll know that it is actually quite far from the truth. This guy, however, is great at trolling people.

You see, it all started when one girl gave a wrong number to a guy. (Isn’t that how every story starts?) So this unsuspecting guy messaged the apparent ‘Lynn’ thinking he was in for a good time.

Well, as the title suggests, he got more than he bargained for. So scroll down below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

It all seemed pretty ordinary at first.

The guy even believed that it was actually Lynn he was talking with.

And so they decided to meet and set up a time for their ‘date’.

The guy asked for a shower pic which the troll provided.

I get it now; He didn’t know what Lynn looked like either.

But that is when the twists came. As it turns out it wasn’t Lynn he was talking to. (I am so surprised!)

This troll was so dedicated to his craft that he even shaved half of his leg.

Then again he at least crossed a line somewhere.

That you’re a guy with too much time on your hands?

Are you still worried about Lynn?

True, He is very ungrateful!

Really? Don’t you?

I have to admit; this is hilarious.

Love this guy’s different expression in every picture.

I had a great ride on the troll train.

What did you think of this troll? Do you think it was hilarious or was he incredibly rude? Comment down below and let us know.

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