Guy Went Totally Crazy Over A Girl Rejecting His Advances And Called Her Crazy

I know rejection hurts.

But that doesn’t mean people can act like total a**holes. I mean do they think acting like this will make anyone take back everything they said? Everyone gets rejected, and we just have to accept it and move on.

However, this guy wasn’t ready to do that. You see when a girl politely rejected him, rather than just taking it, he went on a total rant and called her crazy. Which is absolutely hilarious.

He even sent pictures of other ‘hot girls’ to her proving to her that he can indeed score hot girls. Scroll on below and take a look at how this whole conversation went.

Source: Reddit

This is how it all started.

However, the girl was quite straightforward from the start.

And rejected him the minute he messaged her.

She was even quite polite throughout the whole process.

However, he just couldn’t understand how someone could reject him.

And even called her crazy for thinking that way.

She kept her cool though and didn’t let him get to her.


If you don’t need drama, why you still messaging then?

Wait. Are you not fussed?

To make matters worse, he sent a picture of him with a ‘hot girl.’

And told her that he could indeed get with ‘hot girls.’

And this was her perfect response.

Don’t think I could have said it better myself. She handled that pretty well, even though he was a complete idiot. What were your thoughts on this whole conversation? Comment down below and let us know.

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