Guy Tweeted ‘My Girl Finer Than Yours’ & Twitter Didn’t Agree, Graced Us With The Most Wholesome Thread Ever

Meet Cordell Shepperd, 17, and Diana Alfaro, 19.

They’re in a relationship and apparently, very much in love. “My favorite thing about her has to be just how pure she is and how loving she can be — even in a bad mood,” Shepperd told Buzzfeed.

He recently tweeted a picture with Alfaro and captioned it, “My girl finer than yours.”


The tweet surprisingly went viral, with a lot of responses. The first of them being Cordell’s friend, Erik Hernandez, responding with a photo of his partner, captioned “I beg to differ.”



Shepperd responded with this tweet:


And the fight began…


The fun continued as other guys joined in.


Then, another tweeted, “I really like y’all confidence in all… but my baby holds the crown.”


I want someone to show me off like this too.


Such beautiful individuals. I’m jealous.


Some decided to joke around.


Bless you all.

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