Guy Hilariously Trolled This Woman Twice Into Oblivion After She Posted An Ad Looking For A ‘Spooky’ Storyteller

A good storyteller is always hard to find.

And this woman found that out when she posted an ad for a storyteller for her kid’s party. She wanted a person who had stories that were age and Halloween appropriate. So when she got a response to her ad, She was quite happy.

However, that happiness soon turned into confusion and then anger when she realised that it was just a troll. Now, we all hate trolls, but this one was just hilarious. Just scroll on below and take a look at this yourself.

Source: Tumblr

This is the original ad that started it all.

He seems like a normal person looking for a job.

But it all gets a little bit iffy when you hear the name.

I mean, he says that he is famous, but she hasn’t ever heard of him.

But she moves on and asks him what story would he share.

And so the story starts.

She persists that she wants a Halloween related story, but he explains that she has to wait for the scary part.

It is clear that she has had enough, but he clearly hasn’t.

But he keeps texting her, this time with a different number.

And she believes the story again this time.

To be honest, that does look very convincing.

That is until he sends this hilarious picture.

While I know that trolling someone is wrong, you have to admit this was quite hilarious. I mean, I personally did not see that story coming. Comment on below and let us know whether someone has trolled you like this before.

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