Guy Trolled This Pet Shop Owner In Most Hilarious Way Ever And It’s Gonna Make You ROFL

Who knew trolls could result in such a hilarious conversation?

I know getting trolled is infuriating. And trust me, nobody likes to be trolled. It might be a total waste of time and energy for the one getting trolled, but the result can be Internet worthy. That is probably the reason why this made it onto the Internet.

You see this guy trolled a pet shop owner saying that his dog had got sick because of the treats she sold at her shop. And as you can imagine she was quite worried, however, that didn’t last long though as she learned what he had fed his dog.

Just scroll on below and take a look at what happened.


This is the original ad.

And this is where it all started.

It seemed like a normal conversation at first.

That is until he mentioned the name of his dog.

I mean how could she not realize that he was just trolling her?

Although she was quite apologetic and tried to solve it.

She kept saying sorry to the jerk who was trolling her.

She even tried to ask him questions about quality control, so this wouldn’t happen again.

That is when it all started to made sense to her.

I am quite surprised at this girls obliviousness!

No sh*t Sherlock! Everyone knows chocolate is bad for dogs.

I don’t think butterfingers even cost that much.

$1200? Really!?

Refunding for the purchase is the only thing that makes sense too.

Oh, now he has done it! He called her dumb!

And that was the end.

Guess she never even got to know that he was just trolling her or maybe she did? What do you think of this story? Have you ever trolled someone? If so how did it go? Comment down below and let us know.

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