Guy Hilariously Trolled The iPhone Repairman With An ‘Inappropriate’ Prank That Will Leave You In Splits

Never ever put your phone number up in a place where strangers can get it.

Why? Because all you’ll get is random strangers messing with you. It’s not a probable chance or a possibility, it’s going to definitely happen because there are countless people out there who love pulling pranks on people. Even if they don’t know them. At times, especially if they don’t know them.

But if you happen to accidentally put your phone number somewhere, and you get people pulling pranks on you, send us the screenshots. That stuff is absolutely hilarious.

Source: Textastrophe

The iPhone Repairman made the mistake of giving his number away.

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And you can tell already that something is fishy.


It’s an emergency fish, his phone’s got a large crack in it.


While he didn’t have the parts, he was fine with being charged for replacements.

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It’s obviously bothering the man greatly, he’s using his friend’s phone to deal with it.

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And the photo he sends… Well, let’s just say it’s less than savoury.

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His phone’s got a massive crack in it.


I know it’s mean, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

This is exactly why you don’t give your number out to random people! And certainly not where any person can go and find it. This was done as a prank, but people can really make trouble if they have access to your phone number.

Has something like this ever happened to you or someone you knew? Tell us down in the comments, share your story!

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