Guy Tries To Hook Up With A Woman By “Negging” Her, It Ends Exactly How You’d Expect

Everyone’s had to deal with some weirdo sliding into their DMs at some point.

Whether it’s a stranger trying to hook up, or someone you know talking about some strange things, either way, we’ve all been there. But how do we deal with it? That varies from person to person. Some choose to ignore it and hope it goes away, others take a more proactive approach and block them immediately.

Finally, there’s people like comedian Kat Havoc, who go a step further and roast the ever living daylights out of them, and share the entertainment with us all.


What this one guy did, was try negging her.

Now, for those who don’t know, negging is the attempt to hit on a woman by… Insulting her. Yep, you read that right, there are some people out there that think that the best way to go about attracting someone is by being as insulting and rude as possible. This fellow contacted Havoc the following way, and, well…


She didn’t hold back at all. She absolutely eviscerated him.


And now, since he got the loudest and most explosive shut up call of his life, ends up just swallowing his pride.

I guess he thought that she’d try and prove him wrong by showing him her body or something? It didn’t go like he thought it would, not even a little.


Havoc isn’t new to this stuff either!

She’s dealt with assholes like that guy before, in just as hilarious fashion. You go, girl!

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