Guy Told A Mom To Shut Her Baby Up But Luckily His Dad Was There To Teach Him A Lesson

Babies can be a real handful.

Even after 20 years. Not like I would know anything about that, but at least that is what many parents say. So I am sure, you have encountered a crying baby many times (not your own) when you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal, but they keep bothering you.

Many people, myself included, would be a little bothered. And I have to say that I have gotten annoyed many times and wished that they didn’t bring their kids out to dinner with them. But I understand that these parents also want to enjoy a night out, and it is hard.

So, the following story is somewhat a bit related to all of this. It’s about Lucy Hatami and her adorable little child.

Source: Lucy Hatami

Lucy was actually out with her 8-month-old in a restaurant when one 20-year-old decided to interrupt.

You see, this guy was fed up with the baby crying (Which I can understand), but he was also pretty rude about it. Rather than understanding that Lucy was doing her best, he decided to get bratty.

This is what Lucy had to say.

The dad of the boy, however, didn’t let that go and disciplined him.

That moment when your in a restaurant trying to have breakfast whilst your 8month old son is crying and a boy (early 20s) tuts muttering “I wish she’d shut that thing up!”…..

Before I could even respond his dad comes up behind him clips him round the ear and says “What and you think you were perfect? You were a right little sod. No stop being a brat, go up there and apologise to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!”

So I got my buffet breakfast with waiter service along with a lovely coffee… Thank you to that dad who even after 20 odd years still remembers the difficulty of being parents to babies!

Thank you indeed!

This is an excellent reminder to all of us that nobody was the ‘perfect baby’.

“I honestly wasn’t thinking it would go as viral as it has. I was just writing an FB status about the bizarre encounter I had.”

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