Guy Takes Chilly Revenge On Coworker Who Kept Stealing His Lunch

Sometimes co-workers can be a real pain in the a**.

What makes a job more unbearable? Annoying co-workers, of course. Having to deal with your boss’s orders and then tolerating your insufferable workmates can take a toll on you. You already have a lot of crap to deal with when you have a job. Waking up early, preparing your own lunch, getting dressed, sitting at a desk for hours and then putting a happy face on for your colleagues – It is tiring.

However, some people just want to make it worse for you. Imagine going through a long and tiring day at work, being excited about your lunch break, and when you finally go to the break room you find out that your lunch is missing from the fridge. You ask around but nobody admits to stealing your lunch so you just give up. You have a crappy day but it doesn’t end there. It keeps happening and nobody is able to identify the thief. A Reddit user shared a similar story, but he got the ultimate revenge from the lunch-thief. Read the whole incident down below:

So, the story is about a coworker who kept stealing people’s lunch.

The guy had enough of the lunch thief and decided to get revenge. He brought in extremely spicy food to work.

The coworker who stole his lunch got severe stomach pains and had to take time off from work.

To cover himself up, the guy then prepared some less spicy chilli.

The guy got called in a meeting for investigation, so he took his manager with him.

So the guy presented his defence in the meeting.

The HR reps in the meeting tasted the chilli, and it seemed fine to them.

However, soon after, lunches started to go missing again.

Eventually, the man got fired for theft of property.

Even though the person taking people’s lunches was committing theft, the guy who tampered with his food was committing a crime. Yes, it is illegal to tamper with food that you know someone else might eat. Be it a laxative or spice. He should be glad there was no further investigation. But whatever, at least he got a good story out of this and still has his job.

Here is what other Redditors had to say about the incident:

The HR system believes in innocent until proven guilty.

The nerve of some people, right?

It would probably be a wise thing to do.

OP later explained that the lunch thief wasn’t even poor or anything. He just enjoyed stealing.

RIP gummi bear eater.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have just let the thief get away with it? Or would you have taken revenge just like OP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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