Reptile Rescuer Shared Most Wild Story Of A Guy Who Stabbed A Lizard Into His Leg

You might have heard about many wild and creepy accidents, which require immediate medical attention. But let me ask you this, have you ever heard of something as bizarre as a man stabbing himself in the leg with a LIZARD? Yes, you heard that right. A lizard.

It’s true that accidents are part of nature. They can’t always be avoided. However, sometimes it’s more complicated than just that. Sometimes, a series of misfortunate events lead to disasters that could have easily been avoided. Accidents that we don’t even expect to be real. For instance, the guy that we will be talking about today. Yes, you are right, the guy with a lizard stuck in his leg.

So, here is the Lizard Story, shared with us by notverygoodatall

#1 Anyone would assume that.

#2 But in reality the lizard wasn’t the only one in trouble.

  #3 And that’s where it all started


 #4 That’s a good enough reason to be terrified though

 #5 Surprise modaf*ka

#6 WHAT?

#7 Oh boy

#8 These were the misfortunate events that led to everything 

#9 Really wish he had missed the leg instead.

#10 In all honesty, the lizard isn’t really the culprit here

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