This Guy Showed Up At His Own Funeral And His Story Is A Wild Ride From Start To End

When you show up at your own funeral.

You know that you have messed up. Well, technically it wasn’t this guy’s fault entirely. Okay, I know that you might be quite confused by the title but just stick with me, and you’ll soon understand it all.

This actually a story that happened a few years ago in Zimbabwe. And how a guy showed up at his own funeral. And yes, it is just as wild as it sounds. So just scroll on below and read carefully because there are a lot of twists ahead.

I’m sorry for the spoiler by the way.

Source: Reddit

The story hooks you right in with the amazing title.

And so the wild ride has started.

This is when it starts to get real interesting.

It might seem like he has had a bit too much.

But that is definitely not the case.

At least the people he met were nice enough to help him.

Finally, he is home.

But things are not what they seem to be.

Yes, he just crashed his own funeral!

I wouldn’t say the thief deserved death for his crime, but karma is just like that.

Yah, I agree with your wife on this. Never pick up a hitchhiker ever again!

A summary of the whole story if you were too lazy to read.

What did you think of this wild story? Do you think it was real or did the guy made it up?

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