Guy Shares 34 Year Old Secret About Their Family Dog Murdoch

Learning about your family secrets as you grow old is a significant part of life!

It’s that phase of life where your parents and older siblings would no longer talk behind locked doors; they would start discussing important matters in front of you and even ask you for suggestions. All in all, it’s always interesting to discover something new about your family. That’s something that newly happened to a Twitter user named Matt Frost.

You see, Matt recently learned of a decades-old family secret that just makes so much sense now that he decided to share it with the whole world via a twitter thread. It’s about his family dog Murdoch that miraculously came back to them after he was taken away in broad daylight. Read the following twitter thread to see what really happened.

A 34-year old family secret is no small deal.

That’s when they first met their lifelong best friend.

It doesn’t matter what you called him; he was the best dog ever!

It was all sweet and lovely until one day someone took Murdoch away.

Though everyone was upset; no one took it as hard as Nicole.

However, no one knew the reality.

Everyone loved him.

Nicole didn’t let it go that easy.

Nicole vowed that she would get Murdoch back no matter what!

Things weren’t simple in the beginning.

But she didn’t give up.

It wasn’t long before they found Murdoch.

After carrying out a top-secret operation, they finally succeeded!

And that’s the reason behind the mysterious reappearance of the beloved puppy!

And here you go! Nicole with the love of her life.

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