Guy Sets Detailed ‘Ground Rules’ For His GF Before Taking Her To Infinity War Movie And I Am Crying

This guy is definitely obsessed with the Avengers.

And I don’t blame him. I mean, I love Avengers as much as the next person, but I am definitely not as obsessed as this guy. He takes it to the next level. You see, when Infinity War came out, he wanted to watch it with his girlfriend.

Now, that sounds good and all, but he didn’t want to be interrupted during the movie, so he sent her a set of ground rules to follow. Some people think he takes it a bit too far and I wholeheartedly agree.

Following are the ground rules.

The conversation started when the guy told his girlfriend that he’d got two tickets.

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But it soon turned into a whole another conversation when he started listing the rules.

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He didn’t want to be kissed or even touched during the movies because that might ‘distract’ him.

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And he even wanted his girlfriend to tackle someone if they came to shoot up the place.

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To which his girlfriend had the perfect response.

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Sometimes emojis sum up all that we want to say, and this was definitely the case here. Twitter, however, was torn up by the guy’s rules.

And one person even posted what the girl should have responded.

But at least then he would have the time to find another person to watch the movie with.

However, some people thought it was pretty fair.

And it seems many other couples have their own rules.

Although some people wouldn’t even be able to follow these rules.

So what if it’s Infinity War? That doesn’t excuse his behavior.

Don’t think the ‘fans’ would like this.

I don’t think he’s going to.


And so it soon escalated.

Into a stupid discussion.

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