Guy Sent Her ‘Innocent ‘Girlfriend’s Photo To His Mom Without Checking Background And It Backfired Horribly

Ever take a picture that you could never take back?

If it was Beyonce, it’d be that picture of her in the black leather that went viral. Or Britney Spears during her infamous meltdown.

There are countless instances of things like that happening, and it’s usually by accident. What if you were so sure that your picture was fine, that until someone else pointed it out, you didn’t think there was anything wrong?

Like this one.


I want you to scroll back up, and really look at it.

Don’t just skip through, look at the picture, the post, the proud boyfriend, and see if you can find what I mean.

Have you found it yet.


Well, maybe a hint.

What are those ropes for, bro?


It’s not the first time parents saw stuff they weren’t supposed to.


One reply was simply eloquent.

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