Guy Sends Prank Text To Girlfriend Saying He Cheated And Then Things Took A Different Turn

Cheating has become hauntingly common these days.

One of the biggest fears people have is that their significant others will cheat on them sooner or later. No matter how much we trust our partners, the insecurity of them moving on with someone better always haunts us. Love fades away, which makes us believe that straying is pretty much inevitable.

Since everyone has this insecurity that their partners will cheat on them someday, the simplest way to take advantage of your partner’s fear that you have been unfaithful is on April Fool’s Day.

Or so this guy Jordan from Maryland thought. However, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

The 19-year-old decided to tell his high school sweetheart that he cheated on her. His intentions were harmless though, all he wanted to do was prank his girlfriend on April Fool’s Day. However, it backfired massively. He messaged his girlfriend saying, “I’m just gonna be honest with you. I kissed another girl yesterday.”

Like any other girlfriend would be, she was devastated and confused. Then suddenly, her tone completely changed.

Before Jordan could reveal to his girlfriend that this was an April Fool’s prank and that he never had and could never cheat on her, his girlfriend told him, “It doesn’t matter I have something to tell you too.” And then told him that she’s had sex with another guy the night before.

And before Jordan’s “April Fools” text got sent. She had already confessed: “I don’t think we’re good for each other so this time we are really done. Have a good life Rodney. I was drunk and one thing led to another and it just happened.”

“I was just trying to do a regular April Fool’s prank and it backfired. She said she was at a party the night before and got drunk and apparently slept with some guy and her best friend slept with some guy too in the same room so I think that was their intentions.”

“Made me feel like complete s**t. I’m questioning if I even wanna be in a relationship anymore now, and we have separated and have not spoken since. At this point, there is nothing left to say.

No, she hasn’t said anything, But I think she is probably mad at all the attention she would be getting if people knew who she was [sic].”

Jordan was obviously devastated and heartbroken! Jordan couldn’t believe his eyes, “wtf are you serious.”

“Yes, I’m serious I was drunk and one thing led to another and it just happened,” responded his girlfriend.

The poor guy refused even to believe his girlfriend and asked her to “prove it.” And when he accused her of lying, she said, “I wish I was…when it was over I started thinking of you and us and how or if I was going to tell you, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry Rodney it really was an accident and I hope we can work through this.”

Jordan’s girlfriend prompted him to “say something,” to which he simply replied “LMAOOO.”

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In response to the whole thing, the only thing Jordan had to say is that he’ll make sure he doesn’t get cheated on again.

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