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Guy Scientifically Explains 'Manspreading' And Why Men Need More Room

Guy Scientifically Explains ‘Manspreading’ And Why Men Need More Room

What is manspreading?

Well it is when a man spreads his legs far apart in a subway, train e.t.c that he seems to take up two spaces rather than one. However one guy says that a man needs to do this or he will damage his sperm. No, I am not making this up.

Although he is not making it all up as he also gives scientific proof as to why it would happen and a man needs to manspread. So rather than listening to me talk about Men and their testicles, I will let him explain in his own words. Scroll on below and take a look at his explanation for manspreading.

Source: Reddit

Because females usually have wider hips, it is easy for us to sit with our legs crossed but it’s not the same for men.

Well, The picture does look very legit.

Then he goes on to talk about Men’s center of gravity.

Well, That means my balance traingle is apparently narrow too.

However it does not end there, He goes on to talk about testicular heat.

So what you’re saying is they need ventilation?

I was not aware that it was a huge campaign but you learn something new everyday.

I think this is the type of guy most people are angry at not everyone.

Maybe, We should bring those back.

Has anyone done this on Shark tank?


Not at all.

Yes, This is what manspreading is all about.

So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think these facts excuse men from taking up more space than intended when many people are standing in that area? Comment down below and let us know. ANd don’t forget to share so your friends can join in on the conversation too.

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