This Guy Accidentally Made A Group Chat While Asking Multiple Girls For Nudes And Got Savagely Roasted

Have you ever landed into a situation where you accidentally texted the wrong person, and that one message destroyed you?

Yes, we’ve all fucked up like that at one point in our lives. We all know the horror of sending a personal text message to the wrong person. And sometimes, you can’t even cover it up! You can, but only if the other person is dumb enough.

However, it can’t be as bad as this guy who was trying to hook up with multiple ladies at once by sending the same message to all of them, but that’s not where it gets bad.

The guy is known as Kyle, and he is a college student. So, what exactly did he do? Where did it all go wrong? He tried to send the same snap to multiple ladies at once, but accidentally made a group chat, which included all of those ladies.

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And that gave the women an opportunity to troll him.


It was a bit confusing at first.

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But then they slowly realized. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of lesbians in a group chat. But wait, that’s exactly what we want to see.

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Kyle, what have you done, man?

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Kyle definitely didn’t intend to do this but look at where it landed him. He could have easily gotten the nudes only if he didn’t fuck it up.

Anyway, do you have any similar experiences in which you texted the wrong person? Let us know how hilarious it went!

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