Woman Overheard The Crazy Story Of A Guy Revealing Her Secret Child To His GF & I Can’t Even

Secrets never stay hidden.

They always come out no matter how much you try to hide them. So it is better to be truthful and not ruin the trust of your family and friends. Yet people never learn and do this again and again.

Probably because many people know they’ll be able to get away with that. The following guy thought that it was the best idea to keep his child secret. Because that type of thing is what you casually mention at a restaurant right?

I was sitting at the counter of a busy restaurant/bar when I heard this conversation, [and it] was not a private one.

It was loud, and a bunch of other people heard it right along with me. There was a lot of head-shaking going on as the restaurant listened to this guy blare his imaginary truth.

This conversation took place in June of 2017, before the Weinstein revelations, before #MeToo gained traction – and it was a tremendously clear example of everything we’ve been talking about ever since – gaslighting and what it looks like in real time.

Not to make fun of this guy, but to show people what it actually looks like when someone gaslights you. We can all read about what gaslighting is, but when it’s happening to you, often you don’t know what’s going on.

This is why I talk about things like this in public – I want victims to realize that they are not the ones at fault in scenarios like this one.

And to depart these situations when they see the warning signs – lying, refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing, blaming the person they are lying to for judging them.

-Maria Dahvana Headley

This overheard conversation certainly is very interesting.

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Well, it certainly started out with a bang.






Crazy mother.



Delicious mussels.



Working it out.



Child support.



Barely his dad.



Nope nope nope.



Good guy.



Bad memory.



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