This Guy Is Retiring After He Was Rejected By This Girl In Most Brutal Way And Let’s All Just Lay Him To Rest

Getting rejected is never easy.

Yes, even online rejection isn’t easy to deal with. Here’s a little story. Nicholas Pallone, he is a 19-year-old from Dacula, Georgia. He also attends Georgia College in the town of Milledgeville.

Via Nicholas Pallone

Pallone tends to DM women with a cheesy pick-up lines. Most of the times he just gets blocked but sometimes his luck prevails and he gets a chuckle.

When I’m bored every now and then I’ll slide in a DM and use a corny pick-up line. Usually the girl will literally say ‘wtf’ and block me, which can be demoralizing. But sometimes they’ll laugh and I guess that would count as some luck.

-Nicholas Pallone

One one Tuesday evening he shot a direct-messaged a woman with a hilarious line he’d heard from a show.

Via Nicholas Pallone

“OK so my friend SWEARS there are 23 letters in the alphabet but I’m almost [sic] there are only 21. So how many are there???” He asked the anonymous user.

Luck for him the women played along and responded.

Via Nicholas Pallone

However, it didn’t go as expected.

Via Nicholas Pallone

His response was relatively cavalier.

I died laughing because usually none of the girls reply with something that creative. I was definitely flabbergasted.

And that is the story of how he retired.

“Even if I do regain my confidence I’d be recognized immediately by the girl I’m trying to talk to.” He explained after his tweet had went viral.

Twitter was in tears at the witty response.


May he rest in peace.

Am I bad person for laughing?


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