This Guy Received Texts From A Wrong Number And Got Involved In A Cheating Act With An Interesting Twist

Why does the weirdest shit happen on texts?

I don’t know what it is about some people. They start texting you and accusing you and act so crazy without even knowing half the truth!

Let’s face it; it is pretty annoying when you are working or just relaxing on your own, and suddenly you get hit by lame allegations. You can’t help but go like “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

Twitter user Jackson Strick went through something similar. While lounging at his place, enjoying getting drunk and minding his own damn business, Jackson received a totally bizarre text from an unknown number out of the blue. And to no surprise, he couldn’t resist inquiring what it was all about. I mean, come on. We all do that, right?

Scroll down to read all about it.

He shared the screenshots of the messages on his Twitter account, so check it out.

So this is how she started going on him about not fucking his boyfriend.

Twitter: Strick Jackson

Apparently, people don’t do their research before they start pointing fingers. And that too on complete strangers!

Twitter: Strick Jackson

How awkwardly clingy is this girl!? I mean, it’s insane; the amount of time she’s wasting on all this.

Twitter: Strick Jackson

Way to dis her, bro! But on the other hand, it feels like she needed that 3 inch Q-tip dick.

Twitter: Strick Jackson

Trust me, all of us are wishing for it to be fake right now.

But wait, there is a difference, right?

I agree. Though did he know Trevor by any chance?

Weak in the knees after reading this shit? I feel you.


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