Guy Keeps Rearranging The Letters Of His Sister’s ‘The Beatles’ Sign, She Is Pissed But We Are Impressed

We all know it is sort of a tradition where the younger sibling has to be a pain in the ass otherwise he’s probably not even your real sibling.

Every older sibling knows how the little ones can become so annoying at times. If you think I’m being biased, I’m not. Although older siblings can be annoying too, mostly its just the younger ones. Whenever I bring something to eat and try to store it in the fridge, it won’t be there the next day because, of course, my younger sibling won’t even think twice before eating it.

Similarly, as I like to paint, my younger sibling would ruin my paintings. In short, their primary purpose is to be annoying and destructive, and whenever we tell our parents about it, we get to hear, “he’s just a kid,” and at that moment, you just want to leave the house.

Anyway, here’s another example of keeping the tradition alive. This guy’s sister was a Beatles fan (who isn’t!?) and had the Beatles sign on the door of her bedroom. However, he would keep rearranging the letters and making words out of it just to annoy her.

Let’s check out what he did with the Beatles sign.

That is actually creative, to be honest!


Not bad, not bad at all.

Oh, sheet.

I would have killed my sibling for ruining the beetle’s sign anyway.

That really cracked me up!

Come on, leave the sign alone!

Neither did I, but it’s all about creativity, I guess.

Do your siblings make your life a living hell as well? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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