Guy Hilariously Pranked ‘Bryan The Proposal Guy’ As He Posted About His Proposal Services Online

What do you do when you want to make money, but your strongest trait is what a romantic you are?

You reach into your inner capitalist American and you turn that into a money maker. Introducing, Bry, the proposal guy, who will manage all your needs to think up of a romantic, and clever way to pop the question to your beloved, near guaranteeing a yes. His tactics, his ingenuity is unparalleled. See for yourself.

Source: Textastrophe 

“Hi there! My name is Bryan and I’m here to HELP YO UGET ENGAGED!!!

Lots of people are looking for fun, creative ways to ask their significant other to marry them, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. LET ME HELP!!!

I’ve thought of some WHACKY and FUN ways to pop the question! Romance your thing? I’ve got PLENTY OF IDEAS!

Let me handle the brunt of the work while you focus on loving your lady! Whether you just need an original idea or assistance with an elaborate plan, I’M YOUR MAN!!!

For references, questions, and payment inquiries (prices are ALWAYS negotiable), call or text me @ (redacted) or respond to this ad through email. THANKS!!”

Ricky Choaders came in asking for help.

And he’s been working up the courage for months.

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Bryan recommended they talk over the phone.

But Ricky would rather text and decide this now.

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He has his own ideas, but why use them when Bryan’s here?

Simple yet sweet, right?

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Unfortunately, it won’t work with Karen.

So they opted to hear out Ricky’s initial plan.

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The plan involves deer hunting.


He wants her to shoot her answer.

It’s a great idea!

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He wants him to wear a deer costume.

Bryan thought he was joking.

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Ricky couldn’t see the problem with this.

Real deer don’t hold signs, Bryan

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Bryan is terrified of the prospect.

But Ricky wants to do something epic.

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Safety is for vaginas, Bryan.

Ricky’s plan is falling apart because Bryan won’t help.

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It sounded like something right up his alley.

And he ended up not responding to his texts anymore.

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He messaged him two days later to mess with him some more.

And his response was basically “Please stop”

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