This Guy Posted His Car’s Ad On Craiglist And People Couldn’t Stop Laughing At His Brutal Honesty

Most people having old cars know the struggle of selling them by sugarcoating the crappy facts about it.

If someone is buying an old or used car, they already know the car is going to have some problems. So it’s better to be honest about whatever it is that you are selling because eventually, people are going to find out.

However, there’s this guy who had a similar experience while trying to sell his old Toyota¬†Corolla 1999 on Craiglist. But what he did left everybody wondering if his ad was even legit because he described his car so hilariously, it seemed unreal.

He used his Here are sense of humor and was brutally honest about his car. Salesclerks and marketing people should take note of this because this is probably one of the best ways of advertising we have come across.

Here’s the ad that got everybody’s attention.

So here’s the car

That last line though!

He was right about “nobody will compliment you.”

This is the best description anyone could ever write.

Hood looks clean though.

I always needed an adult car.

Interior is clean too.

Didn’t know Volkswagen judges people.

Here are the user manuals and stuff. Who would need this crap anyway?

Damn, this car surely has a long history.

That’s a nice scenery.

Who has been eating all my spaghetti? This car, probably.

The rims are the worst.

Damn, my life summed up. Makes me want to buy this car.

The front is so ugly, looks like a lizard.


Many people could relate to it.

Nope, not even exaggerating.

Definitely the best one!

One more honest person came forward.

Ew, didn’t anybody wash that car since then?

Tell us about your old cars without exaggerating just like this guy did! Share your experiences about how it’s going to outlive you.

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