This Guy Paid $800 To Get A Lot Of Bats Removed From His Attic & His Story Is Hilariously Wild

Brad and Tanner to the rescue!

You see, one Twitter user had a very curious problem. To put it simply, his attic was filled with bats. So he paid $800 to get rid of said bats. Brad and Tanner are the two brave souls who decided they could get the job done.

So they climbed up the ladder to the attic, not knowing what their future would hold for them. They were unsettled but they made a promise to get rid of the bats, and get rid of the bats they shall.

Source: Twitter

The story starts out with a huge bang and we are sucked in from the start.

And we already know a little bit about the guys who are swatting away the bats.

Because even bats lives matter apparently.

Ladder and bats don’t mix. Trust me.

We all hope that they don’t come back.

The POV of Brad and Tanner is quite interesting.

This is more important than any other work.

Via Giphy

I know people are evil beings and would like to see the bats come back but let’s hope that they don’t.

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