Guy Live Tweets Drama On United Flight And Points Out The Racism After His Seat Mate Puts Feet On Tray Table

Just how Prada is bonded with the fashion world, United Airlines has a strong bond with drama. The American airline is trending again, however, this time, no dogs were misplaced or killed.

Nevertheless, it’s been a rough few weeks for United Airlines. Firstly, a ten-month-old bulldog puppy died after the flight attendants insisted that the animal be stored in an overhead bin. And the pup died of suffocation on the flight from New York to Houston. Moreover, it only happened a few days ago that the airline accidentally shipped a family’s 10-year-old German Shepherd from Oregon to Japan. And the dog was supposed to meet up with the family in Kansas.

This time around, founder of ‘We have stories,’ a writer and marketer, Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) took to Twitter to explain how he had sided with the worst kind of passenger on a United flight from Newark, New Jersey. It’s an unwritten rule when it comes to traveling by air. You’re not supposed to take your shoes off because it traps every odor imaginable. You’re basically traveling in a tin. Joseph claimed that a woman put both her feet up on her tray table while he was trying to eat. And guess how the staff reacted to it? They didn’t say anything to her. Nothing. Zilch.

The woman ended up being treated better than he was:

Joseph just had to take matters into his own hands.

She expected to be accommodated for accommodating him. What even?

And things just kept getting crazier!

There’s more.

And in case you thought differently.

This surely isn’t the first time United Airlines pulled a biased move. It’s been a center of controversy, among other things for quite a while now.


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