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Guy Live Tweets Breakup Story Of A Couple & It's An Emotional Roller-coaster We Didn't Ask For

Guy Live Tweets Breakup Story Of A Couple & It’s An Emotional Roller-coaster We Didn’t Ask For

Breakups are awful.

They always leave you feeling horrible about yourself and make you want to crawl into the comfort of your bed. But trust me, that never helps, so you have to suck it up and move on.

However, some breakups are more confusing and dramatic than others. I mean, many couples break it off and still end up being great friends. I doubt that will ever happen to this couple.

Because believe it or not, the girl is definitely done with this guy’s sh*t. So scroll on below and read on as one guy narrates the whole story of a breakup on the roof.

Source: Twitter

Live Tweeting.

Below marriage.

Asshole roommates.

Living with them.

On the roof.

Let me talk.

Just stop.

New York.

So cruel.

A work text.

Reading it.

Trusting him.

My friends.


Want a baby.

Lied to you.

Fucking wardrobe.

Within a year.

Time and shit.

Calling immature.



Your boyfriend.

Four cigs.

Fucking gay.

Live together.

Meaning of an apartment.


Love me.

Not into labels.

A question.

Random guy.

Doesn’t care.

Another cig.

Love on a roof.

Answer about love.

Blew with texts.

Waste of time.

Getting pizza.

Someone from work.



Walking away.


Tired as heck.

Rachel disappears.

She’s gone.

Everything is done.

So how was this whole emotional rollercoaster ride for you? Have you ever had to go through a dramatic breakup? Comment down below and let us know.

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