This Guy Lied About Getting Expensive Cars On His Birthday, Gets Called Out On Facebook Hilariously

Why do people brag about things so much?

Especially, about things that are not even their own. Check out this guy for example. This guy posted a status on Facebook saying his parents gifted him a brand new Ferrari and a Bentley for his seventeenth birthday. He also said that he’s very grateful and that he can’t thank his parents enough for this.

Now, this guy was pretty successful in managing to fool some people. However, everything backfired and went downhill for him when one of his friends on Facebook decided to disclose his little “secret” in front of the whole world. What she did was totally hilarious, and you should see it.

Scroll down and have a look!


This is what the guy originally posted on his Facebook.

Here is a picture of this guy’s brand new Ferrari and Bentley.

It’s surprising how some people were actually convinced that what he’s saying is true.

But then again, not everyone is stupid.

Woah. This girl has really figured out everything.

After knowing that everything has been disclosed, we can see that this guy is in denial now.

AND BAM! She exposed him. The cars were actually from Floyd Mayweather’s garage! Hilarious.


This is how some people from Reddit have responded to this hilarious story.

So that was that. And the guy completely disappeared after the last comment. So what do you guys think about this story? Did he get what he deserved? Share your views with us in the comments below!

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