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Guy Leaves $10 Tip In A Fancy Restaurant Instead Of The Expected $14 & The Server Lost Her Mind

Guy Leaves $10 Tip In A Fancy Restaurant Instead Of The Expected $14 & The Server Lost Her Mind

As someone who doesn’t live in the US, I never understood the concept of tipping.

Servers are underpaid because they make money in tips, and the tips are something like 20% of the meal they serve, which I don’t understand at all. It’d make more sense if the cooks were paid for the meal they eat, because the more expensive food is, the harder it is to make and do right, so the props should go to the cooks.

But it goes to the servers which doesn’t add up, and it’s awful. Because that means the servers aren’t guaranteed what they earn, it’s possible they earn less than minimum wage. So instead of making tipping a common social practice, people should fight for servers being paid minimum wage and abolishing tips altogether.

What happened with this guy is something altogether different. He left a tip, and the server made a huge scene over it for a total of four dollars. I don’t know about you, but if you’re shaming customers for giving you four dollars less in the expected¬†optional tip, then you don’t deserve to be tipped at all.

Source: Imgur

Chris Goldberg (Not an actual photo)

His story starts off easy enough, taking a date out to a classy restaurant.

But then he realises he made a mistake.

They still make up 15% of the meal and leave it for the server!

Even when they tried to explain that they simply couldn’t give her more, her reply was irritating.

“If you can’t afford the tip then I suggest you choose a more suitable establishment in the future.”

Even other servers didn’t approve of her actions.

Yes, serving can be hard, but her behaviour isn’t justified by how hard her job is.

It might not make a difference, but it just might, and that’s entirely on her.

Twenty percent at $70 is $14. She made an ass of herself over four dollars.

Servers are insane.

Another person suggested something they should have done after that.

It’s crazy.

What do you think?

Especially if you’re a server yourself, tell us what you thought down in the comments below.

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