Guy Takes The Knock-Knock Joke Personally And Kidnaps His Friend’s Banana Family

Sometimes we are left with no other choice than to believe there’s no humanity.

Just like there’s no limit to the good in this world, there’s no limit to the bad either. Some people can stoop so low that it’s just beyond comprehension. We have all seen cases of criminals kidnapping people, then blackmailing their families and asking for ransom. In worst of circumstances, the culprits kill the captives anyway even after their demands have been met.

Well, today what we have to show you is no different. We have to say this with a heavy heart that something very similar to what you have read above happened to the guy in the following chats. It was just a regular day for this guy until he received an unusual message from a friend and then everything took a turn for the worst. Scroll on below and look at the following screenshots yourself.


It was supposed to be a standard ‘Knock-Knock’ joke.

But poor Nick had no idea what was coming his way.

That’s exactly when things took an unexpected turn.

The demand was 8 million dollars…

While Nick tried to arrange money, the culprit kept torturing the innocent banana family.

That guy was a real psycho, and there’s no doubt about that…

He showed no mercy.

Oh my god.


Oh well, that was all in the past. This is how people responded to the story.

It was one of the most horrific Bananacides in the history of Bananas.

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