Guy Invited His GF To His Messy Home To See If She Was Wife Material But It Didn’t End Well For Him

Don’t ever mess with your girlfriend.

It is a warning for all you guys out there. If you have this devilish thought in your head about testing your girl to see if she has what it takes to become your wife, trust me, you are in for a lifetime of regret.

Who even does that anyway? I mean, if you love her, you wouldn’t care about all that shit, right? What if she doesn’t pass your stupid test? Would you break up with her or something? Now that only proves what you are as a man, aren’t I right ladies?

This guy intentionally disorganized his place and invited his girlfriend. Why? Because he wanted to see if she was “wife type.”

Scroll down and check out his happy ending. You’d honestly love it, plus there’s a lesson for all you men out there. Too bad for this guy, though.

Disappointed? Dude, that’s not your maid, she’s your girlfriend! Women have high standards so she’d only be thinking “Damn, this guy can’t clean up after himself, how would I live with him?”

Ahan? Let’s see how that turns out for you, my friend.

Yeah, we’ll make sure we clean up the shitty mess in your brain.

Oh, you think my reaction is too harsh? Read below what people said about him. He is the one who has actually failed the ‘husband material’ test.

True on you.

Well, congratulations to YOU. I think it’s safe to say that this was already predicted.

OH MY GOD, I have never seen anything more accurate in my life! I think I might cry.

Happy tears though, right? I’m sure you all enjoyed this as much as I did. So go on and share this post and don’t forget to comment your views on this. Also, NEVER test your girlfriend for anything if you want your happily ever after with her. You know what they say; happy wife = happy life.


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