Internet Can’t Stop Praising How This Guy First Hit On His GF – Guys! Take Notes

Instagrammer Kaye Good shared her story of how she met her SO with a photo she posted on Instagram.

The story, where Good has over 100k followers was a hit on Instagram. It then made its way to Twitter. And things usually tend to blow up after reaching Twitter, the same happened here. Good’s story of meeting a cute guy is like a modern day fairy tale. It didn’t take much long for it to escalate down to that lingering feeling that it sounds vaguely like sexual harassment. In the end, though, everyone was happy.


He pulled up and asked me for my number… I said ” No”. He said ok, He handed me HIS phone and drove off, I was in complete shock! He called me on his phone later that night ( I was searching all through it) ?. Make a long story short, 9 years strong. When a man wants you he takes risks, chances , and Bets it all. What I’ve learned from him, No, is not an answer, if you see and believe in your Vision, and stick to your plan. Chances must be taken , take the ones that are worth it. HAPPY Monday!

While kindly mocking the romantic meeting, Twitter largely responded positively to the man’s strong game.


It all seems like such a fairy tale!

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