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This Guy Hilariously Scared The Person Who Stole His Sister's Phone And Things Took A Turn

This Guy Hilariously Scared The Person Who Stole His Sister’s Phone And Things Took A Turn

Siblings Might Annoy Us Sometimes, But They Are Here For Us When We Need Them.

This will become quite clear once you read the following story. You see, nobody likes their phone getting stolen. However, it is even more infuriating when the thief tries to contact your brother to ask for your password.

However, that is exactly what happened to a user who goes by the name thelowflyingowl. They knew they were not going to get the phone back. So what is next logical leap? You troll the thief of course.

So yesterday I get this text from a strange number. I give my sister a quick call to make sure it is not her and effectively realize someone is fishing through her contacts or documents to get her password.

We’re not sure how the thief managed to access the phone owner’s contact list without the password, but we know that certain applications allow you to add emergency contacts to your phone’s lock screen. I was bored so I say to myself, why not have some fun. We will never get the phone back, but what the heck, might as well kill some time.

So This Is When The Fun Started.

I Honestly Can’t Believe He Fell For It.

Yup, That Is Her Phone Right There.

The Rest Of The Internet Couldn’t Believe It Either.

He Really Does Deserve An Award.

It’s Fine. Police Will Find Avery…………. Eventually.

Yes, She Will.

I honestly don’t know what moral of this story is except, troll the thief until he breaks maybe? Other than that, we can’t seem to find any. Her brother, however, did well.

Do you have a sibling that has done something equally amazing and weird at the same time? Well, we would love to hear it from you in the comments below.

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