The Internet Is Divided Over How This Guy Got Out Of A Conversation With His Wife, Would You Mind If You Were His Wife?

Why do husbands feel the need to shut their wives up all the time?

There is never a polite way to say “I’m bored,” “go away,” “back off” or “I’m tired of you” but most people try to escape a conversation using “k” or “hmm” showing their desire of not talking to the other person.

In such cases, you just want to sit back and plug in your earphones and play the song you love the most and go to your happy place.

Sometimes it’s rude to even use a phrase when you don’t feel like talking to someone. But if you just don’t wanna talk, use it like this man used to shut his wife in a very courteous way. You’d be in hysterics.

The story on Twitter shared by a user went viral of a man ending a conversation with his wife.

To no one’s surprise, people were interested in whether the wife did react or not.

But she probably joined him in his mind and remained quiet.

Never try to hit the limits or boundaries of others. If you do, they’ll just ignore you.

 I’m a woman, and as a woman, I KNOW Katie didn’t like that. Big time!

This guy tried using the trick of the man in the subway, but failed miserably and is now probably dealing with the after effects.


That’s no use.

There are many ways to shut the other half for a while, and you must have different phrases to try on separate occasions.

Of all the suggestions in the comments, I like this the most.

Tell me you’re not going to use one of these phrases on your wife the next time she talks too much. Or it may as well be the other way around! And I like that better.

Wanna know a little secret about how my man shuts me up? He tells me “I love you!” I know, it’s adorable, and I don’t even mind it!

So let us know if you would have hated it if you were this guy’s wife.

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