Guy Got A Lifetime Ban From A Hotel For The Most Ridiculous Reason & The Internet Is In Tears

Have you ever done something really wicked in a hotel?

This guy did. And he got banned for seventeen years, too! Nick Burchill went to stay at The Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C. and got into quite some trouble. Hence, the ban. But many years later, he decided it was time to bury the hatchet, and that the hotel management forgave him for what happened.

He wrote them a letter detailing the events, posted it on his Facebook, and boy oh boy, it’s one wild ride.

Source: Facebook

This is Nick Burchill from Nova Scotia. He was banned from The Empress Hotel situated in Victoria, British Columbia.

He posted all about it on Facebook. So let’s give it a read.

He had a relatively… Unusual request.

What’s so special about that pepperoni?

And how did you keep it cool?

An open window? Food? That calls for trouble.

Uh oh. Told you.

Yes, we can all imagine that. Very clearly, indeed. It would have been a total whirlwind.

Tornado, yes! That’s the word. Must have been so gross.

This made me laugh so hard.

Oops. Bad move, bro.

I don’t even want to imagine what must have happened when the flying shoe came down.

A good impression.

Oh goody.

Can anything else possibly go wrong?

I guess I asked too soon.

Ooooh, who wants to know about that?! Now THAT’S the end of it!

He elaborated on the thoughts he had that day.

I’m cool with gulls now and I will most certainly be going back to the Empress; this time under the close supervision of my wife and children

I wonder what was left of the pepperoni, though. Whatever happened to the rest of it?

I managed to rinse off some vac-packs that the seagulls could not penetrate and pass them along. The recipients only just found out about that today.

People loved the incident.

And why is that so?

Where were you, you life saver?!

Some people’s luck is just too against them.

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