Guy Got A Message From His Late Aunt And Things Escalated Quickly

If there’s anything worse than phishers and idiots online,

It’s an idiot phisher who’s trying to use your dead aunt’s name to con you out of your money. Now, if I was this person, I’d be furious and I’d probably lose my cool very early on. But this person who goes by  on Imgur posted an album about the phising and you’ll have to admire his patience.

Despite everything awful that happened, this man did what he could to try and waste their time, and dissuade them from ever doing something like this again. The conversation went as follows, along with his commentary.

This is my “Aunt” messaging me today.

She passed into the gates late last month. This account messaged me this morning and was able to talk to me tonight.

I have decided to keep her name and picture in to provide with verification in case someone falls for the shenanigans she was proposing.

She made the mistake of calling me and showing her face for a brief second, yes I knew it wasn’t her from the start, but I will play into phishing scams, especially family.

He wasted a good portion of her time.

Because every moment she spent trying to unsuccessfully phish him, was a moment she didn’t spend with someone else.

His last message was devastating.

What did you think about his messages and the way he handled it?

Brutally awesome or just plain brutal? Do you think he went too far, or would you have done something else? Tell us down in the comments.

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