The Story Of This Guy Who Was Friendzoned By A Girl Is A Crazy ‘Magical Ride’ Of Satire

Life is full of surprises.

Especially when it comes to the one you love. Because even If you don’t tell them, there is a huge chance that they’ll either friendzone you or cut ties with you if they find out that you like them.

So what do you do in this situation? Go along with them as though nothing has changed? Or do you do something about it? Well, the following guy chose the former, and it ended quite unexpectedly.

Don’t worry; I won’t spoil the surprise, so scroll on below and take a look.

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And so the story starts with him telling us how much of a nerd he really was.

However, the girl he liked quickly friend zoned him.

He keeps up hope until another guy comes along.

And the guy she got with? The one person who was bullying him.

However, he thinks that maybe he’s still got a chance.

In reality, though, he couldn’t be more wrong, so they end up getting married.

He is clearly shocked but what can he do?

So he befriends people that are clearly the enemies of this guy.

And this is when you realize that he just told the whole story of Snape.

Yes, you just read about half of Harry Potter without even knowing it.

People were clearly shocked.

I mean, who could have seen that coming?

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However, some people just couldn’t understand most of the words this guy was using.

So one person was kind enough to post some definitions to help us.

Yup, I sure was surprised.

I don’t think anyone wanted to realize that.

Do you find the end surprising? Or did you already see it coming? Comment on below and let us know.

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