Guy Found A Rubber Duck His Deceased Dad Hid For A Heartwarming Reason That’ll Make Your Cry

Emotions are not paid.

And this post proves it. If your heartstrings are not pulled after reading this, then you have a major issue in life.

Nothing is more painful than losing your parents. After all, they are the ones who raised you to be a better person and who taught you each and everything about life. But even though they are not around you anymore, you still feel their presence through different things they left behind; their personal items, photos, etc.

Could you imagine if someone left behind numerous rubber ducks after they died? Well, Connor’s dad did something like that. Not something, EXACTLY that!

Around ten years ago, Connor’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, and as a part of his treatment, he would go around the town for walks. On the way back though, he usually returned with little yellow rubber ducks. But there were these three ducks in particular that became a part of the West family’s life.

Connor’s dad used to hide the rubber ducks or leave them around completely unnoticed for good luck. Unfortunately, though, Connor’s dad died in 2014. And Connor left for college the next year. Assuming that his mother took the third duck, he just got the rest of them and left.

This is what he has to say about the whole incident.

I didn’t put it there and my mom didn’t put it here. It used to be my mom’s old car she drove dad to chemo with, so I guess he wanted to make sure he had some luck on the way to chemo. I’m not a big crier but even I teared up and had to take a break from the world for a bit after finding it,

So then this happened…

That’s Connor and his dad…

The three innocent rubber ducks.

How is it that parents ALWAYS know everything about us?

This is truly heart-wrenching.

So what do you think about this? Was it totally worth the tears?

Some bonds are truly unbreakable, and so was this one. So don’t fuss over the petty things in life and enjoy with your loved ones.

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