Guy Faked His Own Death To Get Rid Of An Annoying Customer & His Story Is Hilariously Wild

The customer is not always right.

There are lots of people who are incredibly rude and annoying. And they just don’t know normal human decency. While there might be a lot of people like this but, the following guy might just take the cake.

We all know some jobs are incredibly hard and few customers just make it that much more annoying. And today we are going to talk about one such customer. Spoiler alert, it had a happy ending.

Are you sure it does?

Elves and rubbing moisturizer? Am I missing something here?

I thought British people were supposed to be nice.

F*ck him indeed.

I would honestly be pretty angry at that moment.



Is he imagining some new tunnel?


The imaginary tunnel was imaginary no more.

Wait, you got in the tunnel?

Oh, Thank God.

Well, at least he waited 20 minutes.

People’s comments were just as hilarious as the post.

That makes complete sense.

That makes his horrible manners okay right?

I feel the same.

Ah yes, I’ve heard about you people.

Did you find this story as hilarious as I did? Or do you think the guy just made it up? Then again, people are weird creatures so who knows.

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