Guy Emails A Coworker Who Went On Vacation And Gets An Amazing Response

Everyone deserves a vacation once in a while.

Even me! (Even though I am always home.) My point is that everyone gets tired of working non-stop, and sometimes they feel like going to a secluded Island to spend time in peace. But alas, in this day and age of technology that is quite impossible.

Because even when you are on vacation, people will still send you emails. So what do you do then? Well, construct a funny auto-reply of course! Understandably no one wants to be bothered when they are just out having fun.

And this guy did the same thing. Scroll on below and take a look at what he had to say in his auto-reply email.

Source: Reddit

This is the email that someone got when they tried to contact Roy.

Hi there!

I know, I know. You got an immediate reply. And You were all like: “Ah! So he CAN answer mails!”

But alas, dear writer. I am off to a sunny island with the two people I love most. No, not Luke Skywalker and Jimi Hendrix. My wife and my son!
Nothing but a week of sun and quality time with my two favorite people.

It’s the recipe to happiness. I highly recommend you try it. With your loved ones, I mean. You can’t have mine. That’d be freaky.

Anyway. I won’t be replying to you. Usually people write they have no access to mail or phone and we all know that’s a lie – they just don’t want to reply. I am however deleting outlook from my phone for the week and roaming is off, so I literally cannot be contacted until I am back, which will be Tuesday, December 11th.

I look forward to replying to you then …unless I get eaten by a shark or something.

If that does happen, then it’s OK. The shark would be eating a happy meal.

I only ask you remember me as a kind man who loved vegetarian curries and death metal and whose autoreply made your day a little less ‘winter is coming’ and a bit more ‘island in the sun’.

Have a great week!


Well, we do hope that he is having a great vacation.

Via Max Norskog

But it is the Internet, and we all know people can never agree on anything here.

Some people liked the overall message while some were not huge fans.

Some people also speculated on how old the guy really is.

Safe to say, The email is not at all practical or helpful.

It might not have been hilarious, but it did put a small smile on my face.

Then again, I am not the one who works in this organisation and may have to contact Roy for something urgent.

What about you? What do you think of his email? Comment down below and let us know.

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