This Guy Documented His First Week Of Work At Target And The Details Are Too Hilarious

Your first week at work is probably the most eventful.

After that, you get used to the daily day-to-day things that happen. The grind, the strangeness. Especially when you work someplace as peculiar as Target. Everyone knows the how weird Walmart is, but has anyone considered its sister company, which probably just as freaky?

Tumblr user Kimpossibooty showed that working at Target might be a lot harder than people think. He outlined the first five days of his tenure there, and boy, oh boy, the stuff he saw on a daily basis was unreal!

Source: Tumblr

Day #1

Old women with lingerie, gay barista flirts, cringing teenage girl, three year old’s obsession with blue, woman confuses nose hair with moustache, fifty gallons of kitty litter, soccer moms who won’t break eye contact, squealing children, poorly attempted theft, out of this world coupon game, pink princess fairy wedding dresses, Cat Lady and Ross, called into HR for compliments.

And that’s just Day 1.

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

Day #5

His story progressively got stranger. I don’t even understand why people watch Reality TV, they should just strap a Go-Pro on a cashier in Target or Walmart and record their day-to-day interactions with customers. I know I will. People-watching in hot locations like those two malls seems to be interesting all in it’s own right.

But if you’re lazy, there is another suggestion. You could just put on the Superstore show, which is basically like what this guy had witnessed during his first week except crazier.

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