Guy Books Dates With 5 Girls At The Same Bar And Girls Took Revenge In A Savage Way

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s story time.

So, with online dating now pretty much common, everyone has a few horror stories to tell. Like being catfished, or being cheated on, or being cheated with. It’s opened up a lot of ways for awful people to do awful things. One of the common themes is how dating has become a numbers game.

Because it’s a social obligation for guys to approach women, they do that. With every single woman they can. As often as they can. Odds are, one or two will say yes and they’ll get laid.

But some guys go a few steps ahead and book multiple datesΒ on the same day.

Wild trip right? Glad that’s over.

Except it isn’t.


After all that, finally the story ends with five girls becoming friends.

Except I lied and it’s not over yet.

Jeez, man. The balls on that guy are the size of Jupiter. At least I’m glad that the girls made it out with more joy than they went in expecting.

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