Guy Can’t Get His Cat To Sit In The Circle, But Then Discovers Something Frightening About His Cat

When there is a trend on the internet, you can usually be assured that a cat is not too far behind. They are usually the center of attention on the internet and this recent Pinterest craze was no exception. 

They said that if a square is drawn on the ground, cats have to sit in it as they are exploring their new territory, tons of people on Twitter had fun posting their pictures and testing if this was true or not with their own cats.

 However, if this owner’s cat is anything to go by, they may also be attracted to more sinister shapes.


After seeing the trend, this user drew more shapes on the ground, from a square to a more wonky circle, but his feline friend didn’t seem interested.




It was only when this shape, that looks like a pentagram appeared on the floor, did the cat pay any attention – and he went and sat in the middle.

A bit creepy, yeah. Especially because he’s black.

Is this some sort of sign? Cats have always been called demonic and are famed for their links to witchcraft after all.

All I’m saying is, maybe that cat needs to be closely watched and given a lot of cuddles to stop him going rogue…

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