Guy Called His Girl ‘Disgusting’ So His GF Dumped Him In A Cold AF Way & Twitter Is Applauding

Ready for some drama?

Let’s be honest; relationships can be quite messy. Especially when you are young. So, it is always a great feeling when you quit something you need to. And if you do it in style, that is even better.


To put it simply, a guy allegedly called her girlfriend disgusting. So she dumped him. Pretty straightforward, right? Well, not necessarily because there might be more than what meets the eye.

Following is the tweet that she has removed since then.

After getting called disgusting last night, i successfully dropped 200lbs!!

— Miranda (@Mandy_Rose99)

She also posted before and after pics.


And here is the after one.


People were applauding her for standing up for herself.

Others agreed with the guy….in a way.

While some were just trying to slide into her DMs.

All was going well for Miranda until someone posted a screenshot of her conversation. Turns out, she may not have been as innocent in all of this as she seemed to be.

So he might not have called her disgusting directly. He just thought it was disgusting when girls get blackout drunk. While I may not have phrased it like that, he doesn’t seem to be in the wrong. Then again, who knows who is even telling the truth?

Following are the ‘alleged’ conversations.


Twitter users, however, couldn’t agree with one another on this.


While some people responded in defence of Miranda’s ex-bf.

To top it all off, Miranda revealed that her ex-bf was also a cheater.

Just so you know who y’all are defending, he got with 3 other girls while we were together. This is just one of the many messages I’ve gotten.

— miranda (@Mandy_Rose99)

Who do you think is the lying one here? Comment on below and let us know!

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