Guy Bought A Stolen Phone And Messaged The Original Owner And Regrets It Immediately

Your phone is one of the most private and precious things you have.

You’ve got all your contacts there, so much personal information, and we use it to message and contact people, there are pictures we took, not to mention our financial data, and so much more. So the security revolving around phones, especially iPhones, is starting to increase.

So when one person had his iPhone 5S stolen, it was of little to no use because the thief could not gain access to it because of the iCloud. Instead of selling it off for parts, or wiping it down and restarting, the thief decided to sell it off to someone for $150. It was their problem now, and this new person was even dumber than the thief, and messaged the owner of the phone to remove the device from their iCloud so they could use it.

Yep. That happened.

Source: Imgur

They tried to mimic an automated official message.

And the owner of the phone didn’t buy it at all.

Sean, the Apple Genius is not really a genius after all.

It wasn’t owned by them, it is owned by them.

Every couple of months, they’d message him to provoke him further.

And it was hilarious.

What did you think?

People had a strange variety of opinions on the issue. It can be easily devolved into “I know you feel mad but your feelings don’t matter. I bought your phone that was stolen and now it’s inconveniencing ME.” according to KingRidley 

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