Guy Gets Put In His Place After He Blamed His Ex For Not Taking Care Of Their Child

Parenting is not an easy job.

It’s a tiring 24/7 duty that you have to fulfil no matter what. You get no breaks; you have to deal with whatever comes your way. What’s the only thing that can make this task tougher? That is being a single parent of course. You won’t have anyone to assist you with the crying, vomits, and diapers. You don’t get any sick leaves, it’s all you, alone.

This single dad decided to share his “tragedy” with Reddit. However, he instantly regretted it. He asked for legal advice against his ex-girlfriend whom he calls a “deadbeat mom.” He explained the whole situation and got put in place because he was the one more at fault.

Here’s what he posted.

People responded to the ‘request.’

More Redditors joined the conversation.

However, this one particular user gave the best response and put the so-called ‘troubled single dad’ back into place.

Honestly, no one could have said it better. This Redditor surely speaks for everyone who understands what’s going on here. The mother was very clear from the start. She had nothing to do with anything.

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