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This Guy Brilliantly Beats Scammer At His Own Game And I Can't Stop Laughing

This Guy Brilliantly Beats Scammer At His Own Game And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Internet trolls are everywhere.

I’m sure most of us have experienced fraud on the Internet. People are great at manipulating others, especially if you’re innocent and gullible. However, some scammers think that the world is filled with idiots and they can rip anyone off. But that’s where they are wrong.

This guy decided to give a scammer a taste of his own medicine. He trolled and annoyed the scammer in return! The conversation they had would leave you laughing out loud.

Scroll down below to read their full conversation:

Via Anlyin

As usual, another lottery won by a guy who is entirely unaware of it.

Guess where the scammer is from.

We don’t think he is from the USA.

Interesting address.

He sent “proof” of the package.

He lives in the White House.

There’s a delivery fee though.

He offered to pay on delivery.

Poor guy gets beat up by the Fedex.

Abuse in his workplace!

Oh, how the tables have turned.

He even decided to illustrate the situation to him.

Here is the illustration:

Is that a threat?

That is definitely a threat.

So violent. Give this guy an art degree.

Have you ever trolled a scammer before? Let us know in the comments below.

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